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Non Swimmer

"for swimmers who are new to swimming"

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The Non Swimmer is our entry level and is aimed to develop swimmers with little or no previous swimming experience. The aim of this course is to develop basic movement in the pool with teacher support.

Skill required: 

  • Comfortable and relaxed in the swimming pool environment.

  • The ability to sit without support on poolside.

  • The ability to receive and understand instructions. 


Distance covered:

1m-5m (Supported) ​


Key objectives: 

  • Developing the core aquatic skills

  • Building independence in the pool  

Before You Join: Top Tip

A fun family visit to the pool is a great way to familiarises and introduce your swimmer to the swimming pool environment prior to your first lesson.

All Stepping Stones classes are teacher lead, swimmers attend lessons independently parents do not accompany swimmers into the pool. 

Our small class sizes ensure that we get the best of every swimmer even from a young age. 

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