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Stepping Stones Teachers: 

Stepping Stones only employ SSTQ or UKCC accredited swimming teachers, this qualification unlike other ensures that all our teachers have achieved the highest coaching award in aquatics there is. There are other swim teaching qualifications out there that qualify teachers after only a couple of days training! At Stepping Stones we don’t think that is enough, we want our teacher to fully understand how to effectively identify, correct and improve swimmers technique at all levels. This can only be done with a full understanding of the discipline. There is a full breakdown of the SSTQ accreditation after the teacher enquiry link below.

Unqualified? Why not join us in our Young Workforce Programme, to find out more scroll down to read through out options for those of you looking to become a Swimming Instructor? 

Why Choose the (SSTQ) Scottish Swimming Teacher Qualification?


Stepping Stones will offer assistance and support for individuals who are looking to gain qualifications in any of the following disciplines.

  • SSTQ Teaching Aquatics

  • Levels 1, 2 and 3 in Coaching Swimming

Benefits of the SSTQ for Teachers and Coaches

SSTQ Stands for Scottish Swimming Teacher Qualification.

The SSTQ is the industry standard for those who wish to teach unsupervised to groups of swimmers with a range of abilities and is essential for seeking employment as a swimming teacher.

This qualification is achieved from a practically-based course and will allow candidates to gain the necessary skills and experience prior to progressing to an aquatics working environment. It will support candidate’s ongoing learning and development ensuring that they are fully prepared to deliver high quality lessons.



SSTQ prerequisites:

* Age 16yrs or over
* Scottish Swimming Member (Stepping Stones can affiliate you) 
* Completion of SwimRight Pre-course element (Details to complete this will be sent to candidates via our online platform (HIVE) approx.2 weeks before the course begins)

Interested? Apply Now via the application link and select one of our Young Workforce Development Roles.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team, 

Stepping Stones 

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