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Queensferry High School

80 Station Rd, South Queensferry EH30 9JX, UK

Additional Information

Open to all


First Visit

Arriving at the venue, the community entrance is located to the left the main school car park towards middle of the school building.

The staff onsite will then show you to the pool and changing room areas. ​

Changing Rooms:  The changing rooms are open and available to use before and after you lessons. The changing room setup is a changing village with cubicle change.​

Identifying your teacher: When attending for your first lesson please notify the class teacher that it is your first visit to the lessons. This will help the class teacher locate you on the class list. 

Queensferry HS is used by multiple providers, you can identify the Stepping Stones swim team by their bright blue teaching tops which will have the Stepping Stones Logo on the back. 

Car Park:

We seek your support in ensuring that we comply with health & safety regulations, by allowing emergency service vehicles to readily access the front area of the school. Please do not park on the grass, or any area of the car park out with the designated parking bays. The disabled parking bays at the front of the school are only for the use of staff/visitor blue badge holders. There are also sections in the car park specifically for dropping off and for motorcycles ~ please leave these areas/bays free for that purpose. Thank you for your support.

Spectating & Viewing

Spectating is not permitted poolside. The poolside area is very tight and does become wet during the lessons. 

There is a glazed section that does give view's into the pool hall. This area does become busy, if you are using this area please be mindful of other families that may also be wishing to view part of the lesson delivery.


There are area's within the school that parents can wait whilst the lessons take place. 


Pick Up & Drop Off

Swimmer Drop Off: 

Swimmers will be picked up at changing room 1, this is the first changing room to your right as you enter the changing area.

Swimmer Collection Point: 

Swimmers will be dropped at the showering area in changing rooms 2 or 3 which are to the left as you enter the changing area. 

Please note to ensure the safety of all our swimmers we have asked our teaching team to ensure that swimmers are handed over to a responsible adult at the end of each lesson this is regardless of age. Please arrive on time for the start and end of your scheduled lesson to ensure the smooth transition of classes. 

* All lessons are 30mins in length.

W h a t   t o   b r i n g  

Swim Kit

Swim Shorts: 

We recommend that swim shorts do not pass below the swimmers knee.

Swim Costume:

It is recommended but not essential that swim costumes are one piece.



Goggles are an essential piece of kit during the lessons.


Even if your swimmer does not like goggles we recommend bring a set along to each lesson. 

This will help your swimmer speed through the programme.



All other equipment will be provided poolside for use during the lessons. 

Armbands and other floatation devices are not required for our lessons. 

Our teaching team work with floats and noodles through the lessons to support all swimmers.

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