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Energize Health & Fitness

3 Lochside Place, Edinburgh EH12 9DF, UK

Additional Information

Open to all


First Visit:

Club Access:

When accessing the club, you will be required to sign in at the club reception. It is worth considering allowing additional time prior to your lessons to clear the pre-entry checks. 

Changing Room:  

The changing rooms at Energize are Male & Female. Children over the age of 8 are required to use the same sex changing rooms and will be required to change independently.

Identifying your teacher: 

When attending for your first lesson please notify the class teacher that it is your first visit to the lessons. This will help the class teacher locate you on the class list. 

Energize is used by multiple providers, you can identify the Stepping Stones swim team by their bright blue teaching tops which will have the Stepping Stones Logo on the back. 

Spectating & Viewing

Poolside spectating is not permitted within the health club, however If the accompanying adult is a member of the health club they may use the facilities as normal e.g. they may visit the gym or spa during the swimming lesson. All members are required to be in suitable pool attire if they are choosing to remain on poolside. 

At Energize there is also a poolside viewing gallery that is located above the pool area. To access the viewing gallery please drop your swimmer with the class teacher, make your way back to the club entrance. The viewing gallery can be accessed by the stairs in the foyer.

Cafe Access Accompanying adults not making use of the health club facilities should leave poolside at the start of the lessons. The cafe bar will be available for parents to use for the duration of the lessons for both members and non members of the health club


Pick Up & Drop Off

All swimmers should enter poolside via their respective chaining room. Please use the blue pool shoe coverings provided or remove outdoor footwear when entering poolside. 

Swimmers will be collected and dropped off at the entrance of changing rooms poolside entrance. Please proceed through the plastic dividers where swimmers will be collected by your class teacher.  

Please note to ensure the safety of all our swimmers we have asked our teaching team to ensure that swimmers are handed over to a responsible adult at the end of each lesson this is regardless of age. Please arrive on time for the start and end of your scheduled lesson to ensure the smooth transition of classes. 

* All lessons are 30mins in length.

W h a t   t o   b r i n g  

Swim Kit

Swim Shorts: 

We recommend that swim shorts do not pass below the swimmers knee.

Swim Costume:

It is recommended but not essential that swim costumes are one piece.



Goggles are an essential piece of kit during the lessons.


Even if your swimmer does not like goggles we recommend bring a set along to each lesson. 

This will help your swimmer speed through the programme.



All other equipment will be provided poolside for use during the lessons. 

Armbands and other floatation devices are not required for our lessons. 

Our teaching team work with floats and noodles through the lessons to support all swimmers.

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